Suffer a Witch


England, 1645. The country is torn apart by civil war, but in the mind of young Matthew Hopkins, a different fear is growing. He knows the land is infected with evil, that women–the servants of Satan–are plotting against him.

For seventeen-year-old Pippa Wylde, life’s greatest concern is winning the heart of the local lord’s son … and learning the ways of the “cunning-folk”, the herbal remedies and spells taught to her by her aging mother. But when Matthew Hopkins, self-styled Witch-finder General, rides into their tiny hamlet, Pippa and her friends are swept into a nightmare hysteria. While loyalties are twisted and lives shattered by the massive scale of the witch hunt, Pippa finds herself in a personal battle for survival against Hopkins, a man both obsessed and dangerous.

Based on a shocking true story, Suffer a Witch brings to life a killer lurking in the pages of history–where the spiritual clash between a man and his inner monsters led to the deaths of nearly three hundred innocents.


Suffer a Witch is the best kind of historical novel: so vivid and compelling that it transports you right into 17th century England … Morgana Gallaway has created a complex and emotional portrait, not only of these innocent women, but also of their accuser.”

— Jillian Cantor, author of “The Transformation of Things”

“Dark Age superstition lives on strong … Suffer a Witch is a riveting novel of witchcraft, drawn from the unfortunate pages of history.”

— Midwest Book Review